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5 Russian Bearing Plants will probably survive the WTO

According to the Russian media, referring to representatives of the State Duma, in the next three months, an agreement to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) may be approved (by July), and Russia may become a member of this organization. This is a major concern of representatives of Russian bearing industry. In their view, the WTO has significant risks for companies and can simply destroy the bearing industry, in particular the lack of:

– Strong support from the state, especially in the priority of getting direct contracts from the state-owned corporations;

– Developed an institutional environment that would attract the foreign investment.


Most bearing plants may disappear after Russia’s WTO accession

The main producers of bearings in Russia

? in picture


Company Name



JSC “Moscow   Bearing”

(part of “European   Bearing Corporation”)


Moscow region, s.Loza

Of “OK-Loza”



Ltd. “GFR Tver”



JSC “Kursk Bearing Company”



Of “The Tenth Bearing   Plant”



OAO “Volga Bearing   Plant”

and a branch of JSC   “Aviation Bearings Plant”

(included in the composition   of “European Bearing Corporation”)



Ltd. “EPK – Brenco   Bearing Company”



OAO “Saratov Bearing   Plant”

(part of “European   Bearing Corporation”)



OAO “Samara Bearing Plant”



JSC “Aviation Bearings   Plant”

(part of “European   Bearing Corporation”)



JSC “Vologda bearing factory”


According to the experts of the Russian Association of bearings, some industries such as Defense and the Railways will not get affected by the WTO because of the strategic and economic reasons. It might be therefore that the following 5 bearing factories will survive the join of Russia into the World Trade Organization:

1) GFR Tver – Works with the international company SKF (Sweden) on production of railway axle bearings in the city of Tver;

2) Samara Bearing Plant (formerly GEA-9) – the production of large and special bearings in Samara;

3) Aircraft Bearings Plant – production of special purpose bearing in Samara belonging to the “European Bearing Corporation” (Russia);

4) Saratov Bearing Plant – manufacture of multi-purpose and special bearings in the city of Saratov, owned by the “European Bearing Corporation” (Russia);

5) EPC-Brenco – a joint venture “European Bearing Corporation” (Russia) and Brenco (U.S.) for the production of railway axle bearings.

However, no one in the Russian bearing industry can make an accurate prognosis to develop the right plan for future actions, as the documents of the WTO has only recently been declassified and made ??available to a wide range of experts.


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